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Sustainability Awards Announced

Apr 30, 2018

IU South Bend’s Center for a Sustainable Future presented five awards and three scholarships at their annual Earth Day Reception. These awards were given to organizations or individuals who have made huge strides in creating a sustainable future in our community.

Daniel Clay, the undergraduate Student Sustainability Award winner, is completing a degree in General Studies with a minor in Sustainability Studies. He has worked for the Center for a Sustainable Future for two years as Project Developer, updating and managing the Center’s website, newsletter, social media, outreach, and provides event promotion and support.

Kirby Dipert, the graduate Student Sustainability Award winner, is completing the Certificate in Strategic Sustainability Leadership and degree in Master of Liberal Studies. He is a Field Engineer at Lockheed Martin with a passion for energy efficiency and green energy options.

Angela Huff received the Campus Staff Sustainability Award. She is leading a Bee Campus USA committee that is currently working on a planto plant vegetation along the riverbank that will prevent the bank from erosion, and support local pollinators not just honeybees. She has taken an active role in spearheading an IU-system wide committee to develop a Beekeeping Safety Program Policy. In addition, she is an active member of the campus Sustainability Committee and the library’s facilities committee, where her contributions always keep sustainable practices in mind.

The Community Individual Award was awarded to Brent Thompson, City Forester for the city of South Bend. He has led the community effort to receive the prestigious Tree City USA Award for 20 years running wherein each year one has to top last year’s performance. This past year he led the effort on demonstrating positive adaptive reuse of 3 of the 1000 vacant lots as distributed native tree nurseries.

Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority received the Community Organization Award. An African-American Sorority, the group implements high impact programs to provide healthy environments and improve the quality of life in underserved communities. They focus on galvanizing their membership into an organization of respected power and influence, consistently at the forefront of effective advocacy and social change that results in equality and equity for all.


Three sustainability scholarships were awarded for the first time.

  • The Keen Robinson Sustain the Future Scholarship was awarded to Ciara Micola Von Furstenrecht, a Junior majoring in General Studies with minors in Sustainability Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies.
  • The Michiana Sustain the Future two-year Scholarship was awarded to Reid Harmacinski, a sophomore majoring in Sustainability Studies with a minor in Environmental Studies.
  • The Sustain the Future two-year Scholarship was awarded to Trace Bailey, a sophomore majoring in Sustainability Studies.


IU South Bend’s Center for a Sustainable Future was founded in 2008. Since its establishment, the Center has developed new sustainability curriculum, including a minor, a major, and a graduate certificate in Sustainability Studies. The Center has facilitated research in sustainability, and fostered civic engagement to help develop sustainability action plans connecting students, organizations, IU South Bend faculty, and all members of the community in creating a greener Michiana.


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