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Titan Tuesday - Ben Nevroske

Nov 7, 2017

Ben Nevroske

Freshman Ben Nevroske grew up and went to high school in Homewood, Illinois, but decided to make the move out of state to come study at IU South Bend. Although he considered larger universities, the one-on-one attention of a smaller campus is what ultimately drew him to South Bend.

What I really liked about IU South Bend is that the class sizes aren’t too big, so I knew if I was ever struggling, I could easily get help from my professors, explained Ben.

Ben is currently in the exploratory program, and still determining what major will be the best fit for him. I’m leaning toward nursing, says Ben.

While Ben gets adjusted to college life in a new state, he’s also looking forward to getting involved in athletics and student life.

My goals for this semester are to manage my time well, make sure I don’t get behind in my work, and get used to being on my own and managing the college student lifestyle, says Ben.

In his free time, Ben enjoys hanging out with his roommates at River Crossing student housing and playing video games and is an avid sneaker collector.


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