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Party of the Century

May 5, 2017

By all accounts the Party of the Century at IU South Bend lived up to its’ billing. The venue was beautiful with a large parachute draped from the ceiling giving the Student Activities Center an elegant and artistic atmosphere. The large crowd was a mix of benefactors, community leaders, educators, former and current faculty members, and alumni, including representatives of the first three classes (’67, ’68, ’69).


Chancellor Terry L. Allison was the host and set the stage for an evening of fun. Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs John Applegate gave greetings from Indiana University and talked about the connection to IU’s Bicentennial in 2020. IU Bicentennial Celebration Director Kelly Kish then gave the audience an informative and entertaining trip down memory lane. As an historian, she was able to talk about the significant people and events that occurred from 1916 to today.

In his remarks, Chancellor Allison summed up the celebration by saying The Jubilee Year has affirmed what we all knew. That IU South Bend is a special place with a special purpose; Michiana’s renaissance is unimaginable without this campus. IU South Bend has done its job well.


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Jonathan Nashel
IU South Bend