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Changes designed to improve campus safety

News Release Jan 12, 2024

Library door at IU South Bend, labeled with numeral 1 for emergency use You’ll likely notice some changes to the buildings on the IU South Bend campus and they’re all designed to keep you safe.

Doors on the exterior of each building are in the process of getting numbers. The motivation behind this initiative goes beyond simply labeling entrances and exits. It enhances safety and convenience for everyone on campus.

Faster Emergency Response: By numbering doors, we enable emergency responders to quickly locate and access the nearest entrance, potentially saving valuable time and improving the efficiency of their response. If you ever need to call for an emergency response, be sure to provide the number of the closest door and send someone to guide the responders to that entrance.

Improved Campus Navigation: Door numbering doesn’t just benefit emergency situations. During campus events, these door numbers can simplify directions and make it easier for visitors to find their way around.

Emergency poster on wall inside classroom door at IU South Bend Another safety feature involves the installation of emergency procedure posters at the entrance to classrooms across campus. These posters provide information on what to do in a wide range of emergencies:

  • Tornado
  • Fire
  • Active shooter
  • Medical emergency
  • Utility failure
  • Suspicious activity
  • Hazardous materials
  • Bomb threat

Familiarizing yourself with the procedures can make a big difference in an emergency. If you notice a classroom without the new poster, you can contact Director of Emergency Management and Continuity John Hanson at

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