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Community Engagement Apr 17, 2024

IU South Bend is co-sponsoring a talk on preparing for future careers during the upcoming Idea Week.

Michelle Weise, author of “Long-Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs That Don’t Even Exist Yet” and senior advisor at Imaginable Futures, explores the intersection of innovation, training, and upskilling to meet the evolving demands of the labor market.

Weise will share how to reevaluate learning ecosystems in the face of longer lifespans, automation, and rapid transformation in the 21st century. She will talk about how education systems need to evolve to meet the needs of an emerging workforce generation.

The session is sponsored by IU South Bend and the South Bend-Elkhart region’s Higher Education Advisory Council.

IDEA Week events are designed to provide entrepreneurs, students and attendees with the practical knowledge, creative inspiration, and social foundation they need to innovate within their own careers, studies and communities.

The program will take place Wednesday, April 24 from 11 a.m. to noon at Century Center in downtown South Bend. Registration is free at IDEA Week.

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