IUPUI revisits an old tradition: Student Research Day

Students showing off their posters at IUPUI Student Research Day on April 7. Photos courtesy of IUPUI Center for Research and Learning

Upwards of 250 people attended IUPUI Student Research Day in University Tower and Hine Hall on April 7. Co-sponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and the Center for Research and Learning, Student Research Day highlights the research, scholarly and creative activity of IUPUI's students.

Kathryn J. Wilson, associate professor emerita of biology and founding executive director of the Center for Research and Learning, instituted an annual spring undergraduate-research symposium well over a decade ago to showcase the work of students in the IUPUI Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program and under other auspices on campus.

With the support of former Vice Chancellor for Research Kody Varahramyan, this event expanded in 2009 to include faculty and a nationally renowned keynoter. Focusing specifically on the research and creative activity of students, both graduate and undergraduate, this year's conference attracted numerous faculty members and students from the entire spectrum of academic disciplines.

During two poster sessions in the Tower Ballroom, 115 students presented their research findings. In attendance were 82 pupils representing Arsenal Technical High School, Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School, Pike High School and the IUPUI Minority Engineering Advancement Program as well as the federally funded Upward Bound programs of both IUPUI and Indiana Wesleyan University.

"The whole day was a great success, and I received many positive comments from faculty and others who attended," said Simon J. Atkinson, interim vice chancellor of research. Topics ranged from business as applied to creating a niche for Americans with disabilities, a historical look at African-American elder care, a geographic approach to archaeology, designing a portable 3-D printer and the effect of a common parasite on prostate health.

The day's highlights included brief talks by three award-winning undergraduate researchers:

  • John Scott Flood (2016 CRL RISE to the IUPUI Challenge Undergraduate Research Scholarship Award).
  • Michelle Ramírez (2017 Richard E. Ward Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Recognition Award).
  • Dana Kathryn Oakes (2017 Bowling-Jones-Russo Memorial Undergraduate Research Award).

Two panel sessions featuring both faculty members and veteran undergraduate-student researchers rounded out the day.

Congratulations to all presenters on their accomplishments!

  • Poster Session 1

    Top three Undergraduate Posters for Poster Session 1: $50 each

    • Matthew Terrell Anderson (Poster 27: Regulation of Actin-Based Protrusions by the Hedgehog Pathway)
    • Joseph W. Boone (Poster 28: The Effect of DMAPT and DCA on the Growth and Survival of Pancreatic Cancer Cells)
    • Mikaela Alexis Louise Greer (Poster 54: Chemical Analysis of TNT for Forensic Application)

    Top three Graduate Posters for Poster Session 1: $50 each

    • Christopher James Carey (Poster 23: Enhanced Central Sensitization Is Associated with Headache Pain in the Acute and Subacute Stages of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury)
    • Nishant Hemant Hawaldar (Poster 8: Additive Manufacturing of Molds for Sand Casting)
    • Logan Douglas Hickey (Poster 46: Towards Simultaneous Extraction of TNT and DNA from Blood on Cotton)

    Top MURI Team Poster for Poster Session 1: $20 each team member (Poster 16: Setup Design and Standard Characterization of a Wind Turbine-Generator Compartment)

    • Joshua Kenneth Woodward
    • Han Shih
    • Yu-Ren Chen
    • Emily Carol Rosales
    • Jinyun Zhou
    • Qiuyu Deng

    Audience-choice/Fan Favorite Award for Poster Session 1 (voted on by visiting high school students): $50 each

    • Mosopefoluwa Temitayo Ladapo (Poster 32: The Effect of Music on Body Sway When Standing in a Moving Virtual Environment)
  • Poster Session 2

    Top three Undergraduate Posters for Poster Session 2: $50 each

    • Aishat Carolyn Audu (Poster 85: Expression of a Functional Analysis of Mutant pp53 Gene for Study in Ovarian Cancer Development)
    • Ashley Nicole Kidwell (Poster 91: Differentiation and Characterization of Retinal Ganglion Cells Derived from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells)
    • Seth Ethan Sears (Poster 102: The Role of Angiomotin Coiled-Coil Homology Domain Arginine/Lysine Residues in Vesicle Fusion Activity)

    Top three Graduate Posters for Poster Session 2:

    • $50 Darrelle Louise Colinot (Poster 73: The Common Parasite Toxoplasma Gondii Induces Prostatic Inflammation and Microglandular Hyperplasia in a Mouse Model)
    • $25 Megan Elizabeth Stringer (she was not able to attend to present Poster 107: Identification of Age and Tissue Specific Dyrk1a Protein Levels and Phosphorylation Activity as a Target for Down Syndrome Related Phenotypes in Ts65Dn Mice)
    • $25 Jonathan Mark LaCombe (presented Megan Stringer's poster in her absence)
    • $50 Isaac Andrew Taylor (Poster 97: Electrochemical Micronutrient Sensing: Quantification of the Potassium Ion)

    Top MURI Team Poster for Poster Session 2: $100, to be divided among the teammates (Poster 72: Notation for Rapid Comprehension in Music Technology Performance)

    • $25 Michael David Bauchert
    • $25 Henry James Dan
    • $25 Caila Lutz
    • $25 Faith Elizabeth Miller

    Audience-choice/Fan Favorite Award for Poster Session 2 (voted on by visiting high school students): $50 each

    • Tolulope Oyenike Ajayi (Poster 84: Modeling Pancreatic Cancer Tumor Microenvironment Using a Microfluidic Culture System)