IU upcycle: 6 IU Surplus DIY projects from blogger Jessica Quirk

Tall armoires at IU Surplus stores.View print quality image

Tall armoire: $45

"This kind of piece is just the sort of thing that begs for a makeover," Quirk said. "You could do a really great geometric or striped pattern using a few colors of paint and painters tape." Furniture with this type of surface should be primed in advance to prevent scratching and allow paint to go on smoothly.

Vintage mail cart at IU Surplus store.View print quality image

Vintage mail cart: $45

"For the family with loads and loads of laundry, this industrial rolling cart is the perfect solution," Quirk said. "A quick clean for dust and you're good to go!"

Lockers at IU Surplus storesView print quality image

Lockers: $50 for 2

According to Quirk, lockers can be a stylish storage solution. "Lockers look great in garages, mud rooms or spray painted and anchored to the wall in a child's bedroom," she said "Or, if you have a cream-and-crimson-themed basement or game room, these could be great for flanking an entertainment system."

A green, glass vase on a shelf.View print quality image

Glass vases: $1

Quirk suggests leaving these vases as-is or adding a touch of paint. "They'll work wonderfully for your farmers market bouquet," she said. "You could also spray the exterior in a paint designed for glass. I think a glossy white or glossy black would be super chic."

Filing cabinets at IU Surplus stores.View print quality image

Filing cabinets: $10 per drawer

Filing cabinets aren't just for paper storage, according to Quirk. "Turned on its side with drawers removed, filing cabinets work as a great way to store lawn tools," she said.  "Shorter cabinets can be used in pairs with a solid wood top to create a cute desk. The sky's the limit on what paint colors and combinations are possible!" Quirk said that adding legs and a pop of color could transform the cabinets into a bedside table with a midcentury feel.

An eyeglass display case at IU Surplus stores.View print quality image

Eyeglass display case: $25

"This eyeglass case could be great in a child's dress-up closet to display crowns, capes and costume jewelry," Quirk said. For safety, she recommends anchoring it to the wall and removing the glass door.

Find these items and more at IU Surplus, 2931 E 10 Street. The store is open from noon to 5:30 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and noon to 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays.

During the stores annual teacher's sale July 17 to 31, all inventory is half priced for teachers with a school ID or letter from a school administrator on official letterhead.