IU Communications launches systemwide experts database

The news and media team at IU Communications has launched a universitywide experts database, making it easier than ever to search for IU faculty or staff members who can offer expertise on a wide array of disciplines.

The database can be searched alphabetically, by campus or through the use of keywords. The database currently includes nearly 700 IU experts. 

Any IU faculty or staff members willing to speak to the media or public about their area of expertise can fill out a form to be added to the list of experts.

A woman checks the database on her phone.View print quality image
The IU/IUPUI experts database is live, with almost 700 researchers at your fingertips. Chris Meyer, IU Communications

IU expert database tips 

Campus/school department:

  • Include the word "School of" or "Department of"


  • Put street address on "address" line and suite/building (if included) on "address 2" line.
  • Use postal abbreviation for state: IN

Areas of expertise:

  • Write in one paragraph (no bulleted lists). This can be written as full sentences, or just lists of topics separated by commas (or semicolons if each item already has commas in it). Capitalize only the first word and proper names.
  • Example of paragraph: Adam Liff's primary fields of academic inquiry are international relations and security studies, with a particular focus on contemporary security affairs in the Asia-Pacific region. His main substantive interests include the foreign relations of Japan and China, U.S. Asia-Pacific strategy, the U.S.-Japan alliance, and the rise of China and its impact on its region and the world.
  • Example of list: Media effects on children and adolescents, media violence, relational aggression, media and body image concerns


  • Use full paragraphs, not lists.
  • Use the third person.
  • Use last names on second reference.
  • Capitalize proper names only.
  • Spell out acronyms people likely don’t know.
  • Keep it short; don't list an entire CV. This should succinctly explain to the media why you are an expert in your field.
  • If you don't have one ready, leave it blank. No need to say "more to come."

Bio examples:

  • Nicole Martins is an associate professor in The Media School, where she teaches courses focused on the child audience and media effects. Her expertise concerns the social and psychological effects of the mass media on youth. She has a longstanding interest on the effects of relationally aggressive portrayals in the media, as well as the impact of the media on children’s self-esteem and body-image concerns. Martins is on the editorial board of the Journal of Children and Media and Communication Research Reports.
  • Mark Mayer is a clinical assistant professor of marketing at the IU Kelley School of Business Indianapolis. Prior to receiving his Ph.D. at the University of Georgia, Mayer was a brand manager with Kraft and Wyeth, managing brands like Planters, Nabisco and Advil. Mayer holds an MBA from Wake Forest and a B.S. in management with a second major in English from Geneseo. His current research focuses on the interaction of advertising techniques with audience members' personality differences, especially in areas of public policy concern (e.g., crafting effective childhood obesity advertising).

Additional information:

  • Don't repeat the address or any other information already included.