Video: Chancellor Paydar gets the new academic year moving

Description of the following video:

[Video: A wide shot of IUPUI campus cuts to a sad, lonely Chancellor Nasser H. Paydar.]

[Words appear: Nasser H. Paydar, Chancellor, IUPUI.]

Nasser H. Paydar speaks: What is the summer going to come to an end? When are the students coming back, I miss them ... and you don't talk to me either.

[Video: Sad Nasser walks around campus but steadily finds small groups of students arriving to campus.]

[Upbeat music starts as Nasser and the students get excited and start dancing. A dance party ensues.]

Nasser speaks: Now, this is my IUPUI. Welcome back Jaguars. Now let me hear you roar. Roar!

[Words appear: Welcome back, Jaguars!

[Words appear: IUPUI Fulfilling the Promise,]

[End of transcript]

Chancellor Nasser H. Paydar has had a lonely summer, but the return of his students gets him in a dancing mood. The first week of classes is off to a good first step.