Cultures connect at the annual IU World's Fare

Each year, the Indiana University Office of International Services hosts the IU World's Fare. Attendees at this year's event had the chance to engage with cultures from across the globe through regional art, dance, music and food. Student groups hosted interactive exhibits and gave diverse performances to celebrate their home country’s culture.

See scenes from this year's event: 

From the top: Susana Ramirez, left, and Diana Anroyo, center, talk to World's Fare attendees at the International Latin Ibero American Student Association booth; attendees receive henna at the Pakistani Student Association booth; Ria Khatana demonstrates how boards are used during dancing at the Hoosier Bhangra booth. Photos by Amelia Herrick, IU Communications

From the top: Students of Latinos Unidos wear masks during the World's Fare; Stephanie Estera of Ballet Folklorico de Indiana University talks to attendees about their Day of the Dead booth; Felica Susanto paints Andrew Runyan's face at the Indonesian Student Association booth. Photos by Amelia Herrick, IU Communications