IU Army ROTC cadets compete for German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency

ROTC cadets and military members from across the country, including Indiana University ROTC cadets, recently participated in the German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency on the Bloomington campus.

The campus hosted 334 competitors from 23 schools, including soldiers from active duty, the National Guard and reserve units, building camaraderie while competing for one of the few approved foreign awards for U.S. military members. Forty-six of the competing cadets were from IU. 

The competition included a first-aid test about combat lifesaver training; a nuclear, biological and chemical test, where the soldiers donned all necessary gear including gas masks; a physical fitness test consisting of a 11-by-10-meter spring, a flexed arm hang and a 1,000-meter run; pistol marksmanship; a foot march of up to 7.5 miles with 33 pounds of gear; and a 100-meter swim in their full army combat uniforms. The cadets competed for gold, silver and bronze badges. 

Of the competing IU cadets, five earned bronze badges, 23 earned silver badges, and nine earned gold badges. Of all the competitors, 64 earned bronze badges, 106 earned silver badges, and 113 earned gold badges. 

From the top: Competitors take part in the flexed arm hang as part of the basic fitness test; cadets compete in the 1,000-meter run; and ROTC cadets compete in the 100-meter swim in full uniform. Photos by Jerah Bowen

From the top: Wabash battalion and U.K. Army ROTC take the combat life saver test; IU Army ROTC cadets complete the combat life saver test; and 151st Indiana National Guard recruiting and retention battalion particpate in the nuclear, biological and chemical mission-oriented protective posture test. Photos by Jerah Bowen

From the top: Competitors take off in the sleet and snow as part of the road march event; gold badge recipients line up to recieve their German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency; and Sgt. Maj. Michael Misselbeck, with assistance from IU Cadet Liam Hendricks, awards gold badges. Photos by Jerah Bowen