Social in the city

The dog days of summer haven’t been able to slow down engagement on IUPUI’s social media channels.

Whether it's capturing the most perfect Indy sunset photo for Instagram or flying drones high atop the campus for a mesmerizing Facebook video, Jaguars can't seem to help themselves from liking and sharing @IUPUI’s latest tweets and posts, especially when they highlight Indianapolis.

Here are just a few of the top posts from the summer months:


A drone montage of an Indy sunset garnered nearly 4,000 views.

Screenshot of an IUPUI tweet showing a sunset over Indianapois.View print quality image


A beauty shot of Indy's canal at sunset was liked by over 1,400 followers.

Screenshot of an IUPUI Instagram post showing a sunset over the Indianapolis canal.View print quality image


A video announcing the official opening of Michigan Street on campus was watched by over 4,000 people.

Screenshot of an IUPUI Facebook post showing the reopening of Michigan Street on IUPUI's campusView print quality image

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