IU employees: Learn what's new, different for this year's open enrollment period

  • Do I have to complete open enrollment?

    Open enrollment is your annual opportunity to make certain benefit plan changes and complete the Tobacco-Free Affidavit. If you choose to take no action, your existing coverages will roll over into 2019, with the exception of the Tax Saver Benefit plan and the Tobacco-Free Affidavit premium reduction. These benefits require an annual election to participate.

    This year, there is a special one-time Long Term Disability enrollment option. If you do not complete open enrollment, your enrollment will remain the same as 2018 and evidence of insurability will be required if you wish to enroll or increase your level of coverage in the future.

  • How do I complete open enrollment?

    Follow the instructions at the open enrollment website or:

    1. Go to One.IU.edu.
    2. Search for "employee center."
    3. Log into the employee center app using your IU credentials.
    4. Select "benefit details."
    5. Select "open enrollment" from the left-hand navigation.
    6. Enter your benefit elections for each plan.
      1. Complete the Tobacco-Free Affidavit for yourself and your spouse. You must complete the affidavit each year, even if you are not changing medical plans. The affidavit is available at the bottom of the medical plan election page.
      2. Complete the Tax Saver Benefit health care and/or dependent care sections, if applicable. You must re-enroll in these plans each year to participate.
      3. Review your Personal Accident Insurance elections. You can add, change or drop coverage.
      4. Special enrollment opportunity -- Review your Long Term Disability Insurance election. You can add, change or drop coverage without evidence of insurability during this one-time special enrollment period.
    7. Click "submit" to send your elections to IU Human Resources.
    8. Check your IU email for confirmation. If you do not receive an immediate email confirmation, the enrollment process was not completed.
  • I can't log in because I don't remember my login information.

    If you need to create your first IU account, begin here: https://access.iu.edu/starterkit.

    If you need to reset your passphrase, begin here: https://access.iu.edu/Passphrase.

  • How do I know you received my elections?

    Check your IU email for confirmation. If you do not receive an immediate email confirmation, the enrollment process was not completed.

  • What is the effective date of my benefit elections?

    All elections and/or changes made during open enrollment are effective Jan. 1, 2019.

  • What time does open enrollment close?

    You must make your benefit elections by 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, Nov. 16, 2018.

  • How do I sign the Tobacco-Free Affidavit?

    It is part of the online open enrollment process. You must select "edit" next to the medical plan option, then scroll down to the bottom of the page. Be sure to complete the affidavit, even if you are not changing medical plans. You must sign the affidavit each year to receive the $25 premium reduction for yourself and/or your spouse ($50 for both).

  • Why is this considered a "special one-time" enrollment opportunity for Long Term Disability?

    Normally, employees who wish to enroll in Long Term Disability outside of their 30-day new hire enrollment period must provide evidence of insurability (proof of good health). Employees already enrolled in Long Term Disability who wish to increase their level of coverage are also required to provide proof of good health for review and approval.

    In contrast, during this special one-time enrollment period, employees may enroll in Long Term Disability or make changes to their current enrollment without providing proof of good health. This means that no forms from a physician are required. Visit hr.iu.edu/benefits/ltd.html for additional plan details and provisions.

  • Who is eligible to enroll in Long Term Disability?

    Full-time appointed IU employees are eligible for enrollment in the Long Term Disability plan. Employees who have been previously denied for coverage by the Long Term Disability vendor, The Standard, are not eligible to enroll during this enrollment period.

  • Will I get new insurance cards? When will I receive them?

    All new insurance ID cards should be received by the end of December 2018. They will be mailed to your home address. Visit the Employee Center in One.IU and select Personal Details to verify or update your home address.

    • All Anthem medical plan participants will receive new ID cards.
    • IU Health HDHP participants will only receive new ID cards if their level of coverage has changed.
    • Dental ID cards are not mailed. You can print and use the CIGNA Dental PPO temporary ID card or create an account at www.cigna.com to print a customized card.

    If you have an HSA or TSB Healthcare account with Nyhart, and your IU Benefit Card expires in 2018, you will receive a new one at your home address before Jan. 1, 2019.

  • When will IU make its contribution to my Health Savings Account?

    The IU contribution will be made with the second paycheck in January. For those paid bi-weekly, that is Jan. 25, 2019. For those paid monthly, that is Jan. 31, 2019.

  • Why aren't all of my benefits (retirement, supplemental life insurance) listed in the benefit confirmation email?

    Your confirmation email reflects just the benefits you elected or changed during open enrollment. Enrollment in retirement plans, Supplemental Life Insurance and the IU Tuition Benefit are not part of open enrollment.