IU Bloomington faculty passes amendments to its constitution

As with the tenure-track faculty, a ratio of one representative for each 50 faculty members is the fundamental standard to be used, with exact numbers in any particular voting unit necessarily varying from that precise number. Since the new constitutional provisions organize non-tenure-track faculty by appointment category (lecturer, professor of practice, research scientist/research scholar, clinical professor), some voting units might cross school boundaries.

For example, the numbers of professors of practice on campus are small enough that only one representative will be chosen for the whole campus. But, where possible, provision will be made for non-tenure-track faculty to vote for representatives in their own school. The Nomination Committee has put together a plan for creating non-tenure-track voting units in accordance with these principles, which will be discussed and voted on by the full faculty council at a meeting early in the spring semester.

As is always the case in significant transitions, it will take a little while to have all voting practices in place, ensuring that the terms of non-tenure-track members are properly staggered, with new members joining a council that already has other non-tenure-track members with a year's experience under their belts. Until that orderly transition can be completed, the Nomination Committee plans to appoint interested non-tenure-track members in the various categories, with terms of differing length, in order to move as expeditiously as possible to a council with the proportions of representation envisioned by the amendments.

Those non-tenure-track faculty interested in joining the Bloomington Faculty Council can contact their unit representative or send a comment via the Bloomington Faculty Council website to make their interest known. By 2020, voting practices should be in place and a new era of non-tenure-track participation in faculty governance can begin.

Jon Trinidad and Nick Williams are former chairs of the Bloomington Faculty Council's Non-Tenure-Track Task Force.