Tips for a safe Labor Day weekend

Labor Day weekend is often considered the unofficial end of summer. Usually, it's a time for getting together with friends and family and celebrating before the crisp autumn air blows in. This year, everyone's Labor Day plans are going to look a bit different in order to keep our circle healthy and safe.

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Get some tips to celebrate the holiday weekend safely. Photo by Getty Images

So what can you safely do over the holiday weekend? Check out these tips and ideas:

Stay close to home

  • Don't plan a long trip; stay close to home to minimize risk.
  • Don't travel or visit with others if you're feeling ill.
  • If you find you must travel, take precautions: use touchless procedures when possible, wear a mask and make sure you wash your hands.

Have a cookout or picnic

  • Plan to be outside.
  • Keep the guest list small and make sure no one is sick.
  • Everyone should wear a mask (yes, even if you're outside).
  • Gather together, but stay physically distanced (yes, even outside).
  • Make it a BYO everything.
  • Provide hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies.

Visit a park or local trail

  • Check out somewhere new close to your residence.
  • Avoid crowded parks or campgrounds.
  • Wear a mask if anyone else is around (yes, even outside).
  • Keep your distance from those not in your household.

Dine out

The safest way to dine out is to grab carryout from your favorite place, find a nice spot outside or back at your residence and enjoy. If you want to have the full dining out experience:

  • Make sure you understand the restaurant's safety guidelines and capacity.
  • Wear a mask at all times unless you're eating or drinking.
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer.
  • Keep your food to yourself (no stealing a fry from your friend's plate).
  • Wash your hands often and definitely before and after eating.