Election 2020: How IU students actively participated in election-related events across campuses

Indiana University actively engaged in election-related events and activities for weeks leading up to Election Day, making their voices heard and encouraging fellow students to get involved. Explore images that illustrate student involvement across the IU campuses.

From top: Students watch the vice presidential debate at an outdoor viewing party on the IU Bloomington campus on Oct. 7; two students watch the debate while wearing masks; a group of students practices safe physical distancing while watching the debate at Conrad Prebys Amphitheater. Photos by Chris Meyer, Indiana University

From top: IUPUI student volunteer holds up "You're not yourself when you're hungry" sign; IUPUI students help hand out food and water to early voters at the City County Building in downtown Indianapolis on Oct. 22; Cynthia Morraz, an MPA graduate student in the O'Neill School at IUPUI, and fellow volunteers work the stand, which was supported by a Jag Social Action Grant from IUPUI's Center for Service and Learning. Photos courtesy of Cynthia Morraz

From top: Volunteers from the American Democracy Project of IU South Bend hand out gift bags and gear to celebrate National Vote Early Day; "Party at the Polls" T-shirts made for early voters; students dress up to celebrate casting their ballots early. Photos courtesy of the American Democracy Project of IU South Bend