Journey of the Jaguars

Bonus: 'Tail' of the Tape -- How to identify the three mascots

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Jennifer Smith, owner of Avant Garb and self-described Queen of Fuzz, is responsible for creating the mascot costumes for Jinx, Jawz and Jazzy. Photo by Tim Brouk, Indiana University

Editor's note: 'Tail' of the Tape accessibility document.

INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 10, 2020 -- Having created and customized every part of IUPUI's trio of mascots' costumes and look, Jennifer Smith is likely the best authority for describing Jinx, Jawz and Jazzy.

Jinx: "He's friendly, has a completely undiscriminating eye. He likes you and wants you to like him."

Jawz: "You have to prove yourself with him. He's an intense guy, and he wants to engage with you in a genuine way. He's also completely loyal to the team."

Jazzy: "Her name is who she is. She's cool, she's hip, she's out there with everyone dancing and playing games. She's a cool cat."

Read Part 1 about IUPUI's first mascot, Jinx, and Part 2, which examines the introduction of Jawz and Jazzy:

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Part 1: An evolving campus

Learn about IUPUI's transition to Division I athletics and the first Jaguars mascot.

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Jawz and Jazzy dancing on a colorful lighted-up floorView print quality image

Part 2: Expanding the mascots

Learn about how the mascot program expanded with the additions of Jawz and Jazzy.

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