Indiana University 2017 in Review

Take a look at some of IU's biggest accomplishments from the past year

It's been a good year.

Whether we were celebrating new programs, buildings and leaders or being recognized as one of the world's most innovative universities, Indiana University has had a banner year. Take a look at all that 2017 brought, and learn more about the year's great work.

Relive the pride and glory of 2017:

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[VIDEO: A montage of scenes from IU campuses, in time with the music.]

[WORDS APPEAR: Indiana University 2017 Year in Review]

[VIDEO: A bright yellow dog figurine dries on a 3D printer.]

[WORDS APPEAR: In 2017, IU was named one of the most innovative universities in the world by Reuters Top 100…]

[VIDEO: A female student places a virtual reality headset over her eyes. She uses two handheld controllers, holding one in the air. Another female student watches from the background.]

[VIDEO: A lifesize robot opens its eyes, apparently "waking up."]

[WORDS APPEAR ON A BLACK SCREEN: and we didn't stop there.]

[VIDEO: Hundreds of white pills are dispensed on a piece of machinery.]

[VIDEO: A doctor wearing a white IU School of Medicine coat talks to a patient.]

[WORDS APPEAR: We invested millions to prevent and reduce drug addictions in Indiana.]

[VIDEO: A large piece of farming equipment plows a wide open field at sunrise.]

[WORDS APPEAR: and our researchers are working to prepare Indiana businesses, farmers, and communities for rapid environmental change.]

[VIDEO: Two beekeepers inspect a manmade hive. They are wearing protective head gear.] [VIDEO: Up close, a bee pollinates a purple flower.]

[WORDS APPEAR AND DISAPPEAR: School of Informatics and Computing]

[WORDS APPEAR: School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering]

[VIDEO: Graphic data charts appear in the background.]

[WORDS APPEAR: Our culture of building and making continued to grow. We added an intelligent systems engineering degree at IU Bloomington,]

[VIDEO: Interior of a campus office, where five students are collaborating at a conference table. A sign says, "Judge Carlton and Sue Sanders Professional Sales Center."]

[WORDS APPEAR: a Professional Sales Center at IU Southeast,]

[VIDEO: An aerial image of the new Arts and Sciences Building at IU Northwest fades into a side view of the building.]

[WORDS APPEAR: and a new, three-story Arts & Sciences Building at IU Northwest.]

[VIDEO: A sculpture student welds a piece of metal. This scene fades into a 3D rendered drawing on a laptop screen.]

[WORDS APPEAR: In Bloomington, our art and design schools merged, and we added a new Master of Architecture degree.]

[VIDEO: A faculty member examines a large, 3D printed glowing structure.]

[VIDEO: Behind the scenes at a fashion show, a makeup artist applies eyeliner to a model's face. On the runway, a student model wears a full-length black gown.]

[IMAGE: Black and white portrait of actress Glenn Close]

[WORDS APPEAR: Award-winning actress Glenn Close donated her costume collection to the new School of Art, Architecture + Design.]

[VIDEO: A curator dresses a bust with Close's red and black fur Cruella Deville coat, carefully tending to its buttons. She is wearing white gloves.]

[VIDEO: An aerial view of the IUPUI Natatorium, with a full house and swimmers doing laps.]

[WORDS APPEAR: IUPUI celebrated a national award for its environmentally sound, zero-waste Natatorium.]

[VIDEO: A diver's foot on the diving board, just before jumping.]

[VIDEO: The back of the diver's head, then a side view. She is wearing an IUPUI Jaguars swim cap.]

[VIDEO: The diver takes a dive, in sync with at least four other divers.]

[VIDEO: A black and white banner states: "Horizon League" in big block letters.]

[WORDS APPEAR: IUPUI athletics joined the Division I Horizon League and the women's soccer team won the league championship title.]

[VIDEO: Actual footage of the championship game. The IUPUI women's soccer team ambushes its goalie with a team hug to celebrate a big win.]

[VIDEO: IU Bloomington men's basketball coach Archie Miller crouches on the floor of the basketball stadium and yells to his players during a home game. He is wearing a black suit and red tie.]

[WORDS APPEAR: IU Bloomington gained two new head coaches: men's basketball coach Archie Miller]

[IMAGE: A still photograph of Archie Miller transitions into a still photograph of IU football coach Tom Allen.]

[WORDS APPEAR: and football coach Tom Allen.]

[IMAGE: Both sides of the Crimson Pride banner that hangs from poles on the IUPUC campus. On one side is the new mascot, a lion's head, with the words "Crimson Pride." On the opposite side, an IU trident and the letters "IUPUC."]

[WORDS APPEAR: IUPUC introduced a new mascot that celebrates campus and community pride.]

[IMAGE: A photo of a sidewalk on the IUPUC campus. The bike rack in the foreground is made of red, blue, green, and yellow metal "C" shapes. The new Crimson Pride logo appears over the photo.]

[IMAGE: A group photo of at least two dozen IU Kokomo students. Some are holding T-shirts that say, "Turning the KEY!" Two students in the foreground are holding an IU flag.]

[WORDS APPEAR: IU Kokomo gave students the KEY Program, to provide the best four years of their lives... so far]

[IMAGE: Another group photo of IU Kokomo students on a retreat. Snow falls in the foreground. They are posing in front of a sign that says, "Continental Divide, Elevation 8262."]

[IMAGE: Male and female dancers in tuxedos and red dresses do a leg kick on stage. Behind them are the words, "Indiana University South Bend," "Hoosier Spirit," and "Titan Pride."]

[WORDS APPEAR: Together, we reached milestones: IU South Bend celebrated 100 years of IU courses in South Bend.]

[IMAGE: An IU South Bend student engages in an activity with a small child at a community event.] [IMAGE: Dozens of international flags raised]

[WORDS APPEAR: At IUPUI, 98 people from 38 countries became U.S. citizens in the first naturalization ceremony for a college in Indy.]

[IMAGE: Graduates wearing caps and gowns at IU East Commencement]

[VIDEO: Graduates throw cream and crimson confetti and streamers at IU East Commencement]

[WORDS APPEAR: IU East graduated its largest class -- and presented its 10,000th diploma at Commencement.]

[WORDS APPEAR: Here's to new ideas, new faces, and new achievements in 2018.]

[WORDS APPEAR: Indiana University]

[WORDS APPEAR: Fulfilling the Promise]


Learn more about the year's great work:

  1. The IU South Bend bridge

    Jan. 1, 2017

    Jubilee Year

    IU South Bend

    IU South Bend celebrates three anniversaries: 100 years of IU holding classes in South Bend, 50 years of conferring degrees and 25 years since the founding of the School of the Arts.

    See the celebration
  2. Ramiro Azcui speaks to a women's tennis player

    Jan. 5, 2017

    Game, set and coach

    IU Bloomington

    Ramiro Azcui is named the new head women's tennis coach. He replaces Lin Loring, who headed the IU program for 40 years and is the all-time wins leader in women?s college tennis.

    Learn about the switch
  3. Chancellor Ray Wallace and Judge Sue Sanders cut the ribbon during the building dedication

    March 9, 2017

    Successful students

    IU Southeast

    IU Southeast cuts the ribbon for the state-of-the-art Sanders Professional Sales Center, built in response to a regional need for professional training.

    Learn about the dedication
  4. Archie Miller shouts plays at the team during a game

    March 25, 2017

    Cream and crimson

    IU Bloomington

    IU Athletics announces Archie Miller as the new head men's basketball coach for the Hoosiers.

    Meet Archie
  5. Three students wearing Crimson Pride gear

    April 19, 2017

    Crimson Pride


    IUPUC names a new mascot, building excitement, positive energy and a sense of community with a visual representation of shared pride.

    Meet Crimson Pride
  6. IUPUI Chancellor Nasser Paydar waves a mini American flag at a podium

    April 27, 2017

    Welcome home


    IUPUI becomes the first university in Indianapolis to host a naturalization ceremony, where 98 people from 38 countries became U.S. citizens.

    Learn about the ceremony
  7. A female student looks at confetti flying down at the 2017 IU East commencement ceremony

    May 12, 2017

    Big man on campus

    IU East

    IU East presents its 10,000th diploma during this year's commencement ceremony and celebrates its largest graduating class, with 811 baccalaureate degrees and 65 master's degrees conferred.

    See the numbers
  8. Shondra Stanton in the dugout

    June 10, 2017

    Grand slam

    IU Bloomington

    Shonda Stanton is hired as IU's new softball coach. She comes from Marshall, where she spent 18 seasons as their winningest coach in history.

    Get to know Stanton
  9. A swimmer dives into the Natatorium

    June 28, 2017

    Just keep swimming


    The IU Natatorium and IUPUI Office of Sustainability receive a national award for having a zero-waste, environmentally sound operation during the Olympic Diving Trials.

    Read about the recognition
  10. A basketball with the IUPUI Jaguar and Horizon league logos

    July 1, 2017

    Moving on up


    The IUPUI Jaguars officially become members of the Division I Horizon League for men's and women's sports.

    Learn about the league
  11. A man points to a grape vine

    July 10, 2017

    Kokomo experience and you

    IU Kokomo

    IU Kokomo's KEY program, which provides students the chance to connect and participate in real-world experiences, includes trips to Chicago, a winery and Bradford Woods.

  12. The exterior of IU Northwest's Arts and Sciences Building

    Aug. 25, 2017

    Building opportunity

    IU Northwest

    IU Northwest dedicates its $45 million, 126,000-square-foot Arts and Sciences Building, which provides state-of-the-art facilities for teaching and learning.

    Read about the dedication
  13. A red campus clock on the IU Bloomington campus

    Aug. 29, 2017

    Evolving focus

    IU Bloomington

    The School of Informatics and Computing is renamed the School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering, and the School of Art and Design is renamed the School of Art, Architecture + Design.

    Learn about the changes
  14. Tom Allen gives a pep talk to the football team during practice

    Aug. 31, 2017

    Defend the rock

    IU Bloomington

    Newly named head football coach Tom Allen leads the Hoosiers into a new season that kicked off with an ESPN primetime game and College GameDay visit.

    Read about the game
  15. A man interacts with a virtual reality program

    Sept. 29, 2017

    Advancing knowledge

    Indiana University

    IU is again recognized among the most innovative universities in the world by Reuters Top 100. The 2017 rankings list IU 27th worldwide, 19th among U.S. universities and first among universities in Indiana.

    Learn about the rankings
  16. IU President Michael A. McRobbie announces the new Grand Challenge project at a podium

    Oct. 10, 2017

    Grand Challenge

    Indiana University

    IU President Michael A. McRobbie announces the university's sustained investment and commitment to collaborating with community partners to prevent and reduce addictions in Indiana.

    Read about the project
  17. Glenn Close

    Oct. 30, 2017

    A permanent home

    IU Bloomington

    Six-time Academy Award-nominated and three-time Emmy- and Tony-winning actress Glenn Close donates her costume collection to the School of Art, Architecture + Design.

    Learn about the collection
  18. Students support a patient during a ball holding exercise

    Nov. 30, 2017

    Helping Hoosiers


    Two schools at IUPUI merge to create the new School of Health and Human Sciences, which will help support the health and well-being of Hoosiers across the state and beyond.

    Read about the merger