As one of America’s leading research universities, Indiana University is pioneering solutions that meet the challenges of Indiana, our nation, and the world.

Confronting climate change

The climate is changing at an unprecedented rate, posing risks to communities across the world. 

In the face of consequential change, IU is taking action to address the climate crisis head-on. Experts at the Environmental Resilience Institute are equipping businesses, local governments, and everyday residents with resources to prepare for, and mitigate the impacts of, a warming climate.  

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Revolutionizing Alzheimer's research

Alzheimer's claims a new sufferer every 65 seconds. At IU, we're working to stop the clock on this disease.

From pioneering drug discovery to leading the nation's largest study of a rare, early-onset form of the disease, Indiana University is working to end the suffering caused by Alzheimer's, no matter how long it takes. 

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Reversing the opioid epidemic

The nation is facing an unprecedented opioid crisis. At IU, we’re doing something about it. 

From researching the genetic, behavioral, and psychological aspects of substance abuse disorder to training first responders to administer overdose reversal drugs, we're leading the most comprehensive statewide response to opioid addiction the nation has ever seen—and the largest ever led by a university.

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Paving the way for space travel

Can Mars support human life? Before we find out, Lisa Pratt, Indiana University professor of astrobiology and NASA’s Planetary Protection Officer, has to first make sure it’s safe to explore.

As one of only two Planetary Protection Officers in the world, she has the enormous responsibility of planning for the protection of Earth's biosphere, and for the responsible exploration of Mars.

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Building global connections

To change the world, you have to understand it. That’s why we teach more than 80 different languages at IU—more than any other university in the country.

Future diplomats, government officials, scholars, and businesspeople depend on IU to learn about new cultures and understand the diverse perspectives that shape today’s world. 

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Preserving human history

To preserve an endangered collection of nearly half a million historical video, sound, and film recordings, we’ve launched a $27 million project to digitize, tag, and share these artifacts of time.

It’s the largest university-led media digitization effort in higher ed and the country, and on par in scale with similar work at the Library of Congress. 

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Stopping misinformation

Democracy depends on being able to access real information. But bots spread misinformation every day, working to manipulate public opinion.

That's why researchers at IU’s Observatory on Social Media are creating innovative tools to help citizens and journalists—and tech giants like Twitter—spot fake stories in order to focus on the facts.

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Advancing global healthcare

Thirty years ago doctors from the IU School of Medicine traveled to Kenya and partnered with Moi University. Their vision? Build a sustainable, holistic health program that would serve the country’s people.

Today that collaboration is known as AMPATH. AMPATH has served eight million Kenyans, launched 800 healthcare sites, and become an internationally recognized model for global healthcare.

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