Description of the following video:

[Video: Background music begins to play; a female narrator begins speaking.]

 [A montage of video snippets begin to play back to back while the music and female narrator continue.]

 [Video snippet: An aerial view of the city Eldoret, Kenya appears; next, a busy street intersection where brightly colors cars and buses pass each other by.]

[Video snippet: Doctors in lab coats crowd around a hospital bed in a Kenyan hospital room with blue walls and mosquito nets hanging from the ceiling.]

 [Video snippet: A Kenyan woman sits on a porch rocking a small child; they’re surrounded by a green landscape and more women holding or corralling children.]

 [Video snippet: Kenyans sit in a row of chairs against a lapboard wall; each of them are connected to an IV.]

 [Video snippet: Kenyan doctors in white lab coats pass through a covered, open-air corridor, which protects them from the rain.]

 [Video snippet: Two males and a female sit on covered couches having a discussion. The men wear ballcaps; the woman’s hair is cut short.]

 [Video snippet: A doctor examines the abdomen of a woman lying in a hospital bed.]

 [Video snippet: Doctors point to a chest X-ray in front of a brightly-lit window.]\

 [Video snippet: A street-level view of a busy Kenyan intersection, where Kenyan residents pass each other by on foot.]

 [Video snippet: A montage of an outdoor view of different medical centers.]

[Video snippet: A Kenyan man uses a cell phone to communicate about his healthcare.]

[A Kenyan doctor in a white coat kneels to take the temperate of an infant, whose mother, garbed in a bright wrap, nestles the baby against her chest.]

 [Video snippet: A group of doctors prepare for surgery in blue and white scrubs; they wear face masks and head caps.]

 [Video snippet: in a busy health center hallway, one woman helps another woman walk with a cane.]

 [Video snippet: a Kenyan woman and three small Kenyan children climb a grassy hill surrounded by greenery.]

 [Video snippet: a Kenyan woman with a clipboard on her lap talks to three small Kenyan children sitting on a couch.]

 [Video snippet: Kenyan children happily face the camera, laughing and jumping to get the camera’s attention.]

 [Video snippet: Kenyan researchers stand at a lab bench piping a liquid solution into test tubes.]

 [Video snippet: A roadside view of rural Kenya, where Kenyan children stand next to wooden shacks on a dusty clay-red road.]

 [Video snippet: A Kenyan child smiles into the camera.]

[The female narrator stops talking. The music begins to fade.]

 [Words appear: Indiana University]

 [Words appear:]

Tackling global health challenges.

Participants in our research who have worked closely with our community health workers have shown improvements in positive health behaviors.

Dr. Debra Litzelman, D. Craig Brater Professor of Global Health Education at the IU School of Medicine and director of WeCare

At IU we go all in

The IU School of Medicine is the largest in the country, with expertise in Alzheimer’s disease, precision health, musculoskeletal health, traumatic brain injuries, and global health.

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Preserving human history

We’re digitizing nearly half a million historical video, sound, and film recordings.

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Protecting our democracy

Bots spread misinformation online every day, manipulating public opinion and threatening democracy around the world.

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