Defying expectations

People always tell you what not to do. Find out what you can do at IUPUI.

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In the featured IUPUI commercial appearing during the 2018 Winter Olympics, a narrator says, "Don't wake the neighbors," "Don't go too fast" and "Don't ask questions" -- all things moms, dads and teachers have told you before.

But making noise helps Jaguar athletes roar on the court. Slowing down is not an option for IUPUI's motorsports engineering program, and asking questions in professor of operations management Mohan Tatikonda's classes is encouraged.

We asked IUPUI students what they were told not to do and how they overcame the naysayers to achieve success. Some used what not to do as fuel to prove doubters wrong while becoming campus leaders and shining examples of the IUPUI student body.

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[Andrea Doloso speaks: I don't want to say anything too ...]

[Words appear: IUPUI Presents]

[Will Smith speaks: Wait, I don't know yet. I'm not ready.]

[Words appear: What were you told not to do?]

[Music: Piano under video of students]

[Words appear: Courtney Clark, Senior, finance]

[Courtney Clark speaks: I think growing up I was really energetic, so my mom was always telling me to sit down somewhere. Stop moving around and fidgeting all the time, like, I'm fidgeting right now so.

I think that being really energetic comes in handy, especially, I do a lot on campus. I'm involved in a lot of organizations. I have a lot of classes that I have to take that are really hard, so the energy comes in handy now. It wasn't always the best back then, but it helps out.]

[Words appear: Gordon VanBibber, Junior, health service management

[Gordon VanBibber speaks: When I was a kid, my Mom always told me not to talk to strangers, so but I've learned that meeting people is a great way of networking and being in the military was a way that pushed me outside of my comfort zone. And then, after that, I met a lot of great people and made a lot of friends.]

[Words appear: Will Smith, Junior, radiography]

[Will Smith speaks: OK, so in high school I was typically, I liked to kinda stay to myself, but I had a big group of friends. I didn't like to meet anyone new, but now that I am on campus, I have to change that, because I came here with no friends.

So, I had to make new friends. So, with that being said, I got involved a lot in campus. I was the president of my residence hall. I joined a fraternity, Phi G, also known as Phi Gamma Delta, and it's really helped me a lot to be a little more active on campus and have a big, wide spectrum of friends.]

[Words appear: Andrea Doloso, Sophomore, organizational leadership and supervision]

[Andrea Doloso speaks: As a woman, not to be too loud, not to speak over. I've always been an extroverted, talkative person. I'll just start a conversation, or I'll just be very loud sitting somewhere, and I just meet a new person. I'm like, hey, I'm Andrea. It's nice to meet you.

It's just kind of is a thing that I've just. It's just a characteristic I've always had as a person.]

[Words appear: Jonathon Hawkins, Junior, philanthropic studies]

[Jonathon Hawkins speaks: When I was growing up, individuals always told me that I wasn't out to be a leader. I wasn't here to hold a position of leadership. I wasn't there to help people.

They always thought that I grew up in a very blue-collar family, and they believed that I was gonna end up the same as them. I have since overcame that, becoming the president of the Undergraduate Student Government at IUPUI, a president of a social fraternity. Heavily involved on this campus, and every single day hoping to make a difference in people's lives, doing everything I can for them.

I think back to what people used to tell me, and how I couldn't do things, how I was meant to work in a factory for the rest of my life. I like to think back to those days, and think, wow, I really made a difference, and I've really made it, you know?]

[Words appear: IUPUI Fulfilling the Promise,]

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