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Read stories from IU's Global Gateway Network, which connects IU to the world and the world to IU.

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IU Global Gateway Network -- Descriptive Transcript


[Words: Indiana University presents]

[Words: Global Gateway Network]

[Video: Cars driving through downtown Mexico City.]

[Video: Staff members sitting at a long table in a conference room. A Mexico flag is displayed prominently on the table.]


[Words: Indiana University has four Global Gateway offices,]

[Video: IU President Michael McRobbie poses with students and staff at the India Gateway. Some are dressed in traditional Indian garments, such as sarees.]


[Words: spanning three continents.]

[Video: Historical monuments in Downton Berlin, Germany.]


[Words: They are located in China,]

[Video: Students and staff members pose for a group photo at the IU China Gateway. The group holds two IU flags; one that reads ‘Indiana University China’ and the other, an IUPUI flag, with the IU trident on it.]


[Words: India,]

[Video: Two women stand in front of a sign that reads ‘Indiana University India Gateway’.]


[Words: Europe,]

[Video: A group of students stand in front of a historical monument in Germany.]


[Words: and most recently, Mexico.]

[Video: IUPUI Chancellor Nasser Paydar and staff pose for a picture in front of a Mexico City Embassy seal.]


[Words: These offices support global engagement for IU faculty, students, alumni and staff.]

[Video: A large group of people are working and taking notes at a large conference-style table, during a meeting.]


 [Video: A man is presenting in front of a large group of people at the IU India Gateway.]


[Words: The gateways connect the IU community with resources]

[Video: Two men shake hands at the IU India Gateway.]


[Words: that make international programs, projects and other activities possible,]

[Video: A traditional Chinese building that reflects its historic architecture style.]


[Words: and allow our internationally-based students, alumni and partners to connect directly with IU.]

[Video: Three women are working and looking at a computer at the IU China Gateway.]


 [Video: Close-up of the Tuspark sign at Tsinghua University Science Park.]


[Words: The first office, the IU China Gateway, opened in 2014.]

[Video: Two men, at a meeting, sitting in front of a flag that reads ‘Indiana University China Gateway Beijing.’]


[Words: Located in Beijing, this gateway has connected nearly 375 IU graduates to over 100 global employers,]

[Video: A group of people are talking at the IU China Gateway. The IU trident appears on a sign behind them.]


[Words: and has assisted in the creation of 11 new partnership agreements with leading Chinese universities.]

[Video: A group of students sitting in a classroom at the IU China Gateway. Behind them is a flag that reads ‘Indiana University China’, with Chinese letters below it.]


[Video: A woman is presenting to a class at the IU China Gateway.]


[Words: The India Gateway, located in New Delhi,]

[Video: A group of people standing in front of a sign that reads ‘Indiana University India Gateway’.]


[Words: has supported over 20 study abroad programs, including four it helped create.]

[Video: A group of students standing on the terrace at the IU India Gateway, holding an IU pennant.]


 [Video: A close-up of the terrace at the IU India Gateway, through detailed window panes.]


[Words: The IU Europe Gateway, located in Berlin,]

[Video: A close-up of a sign that reads ‘Indiana University Europe Gateway’.]


[Words: has held 30 research workshops with more than 1,000 participants.]

[Video: Two students working at an event at the IU Europe Gateway.]


 [Video: Downtown Berlin, Germany. Scene includes the train station and a church in the background.]


[Words: The newest gateway, located in Mexico City, opened in January and will be formally dedicated on May 28.]

[Video: IUPUI Chancellor Nasser Paydar and staff stand in front of an office with the ‘Indiana University Mexico Gateway’ sign behind them.]


[Words: It provides an office space within Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.]

[Video: A sign in the Mexico Gateway that reads ‘El future pertenece a aquellos que hoy se preparan para el. Malcom X.]


 [Video: Two men sitting in a Gateway office, working on their laptops.]


[Words: Thanks to IU’s Global Gateway Network, more than 5,000 people]

[Video: A close-up of the ‘Indiana University India Gateway’ sign at the India office. The sign is on a bright, orange wall.]


[Words: have attended events in support of schools, departments, and other units all across the university.]

[Video: A group of students sitting in a classroom at the IU Europe Gateway office.]


[Video: A man plays a trumpet at an event at the IU India Gateway office.]


[Words: The IU Global Gateways are more than physical offices;]

[Video: A close-up of an IU office. The walls are red, with the Indiana University seal prominently displayed on the wall.]


[Words: they are exactly what the name implies.]

[Video: Three men perform and play drums, dressed in traditional Indian garments, at the IU India Gateway opening. A TV screen is behind them, displaying a photo of an IU student wearing a red hat, and an IU trident tattoo on her cheek.]


[Words: Indiana University’s entry points to the rest of the world.]

[Video: A fountain in downtown Mexico City, Mexico.]

[Video: A World War II memorial in Berlin, Germany.]

[Video: IU President Michael McRobbie smiles at a pink, Chinese dragon, at the IU China Gateway opening.]


[Video: The Mexico City skyline with mountains in the background.]


[Video: The IU India Gateway exterior, with the sign ‘Indiana University India Gateway,’ displayed prominently.]


[Video: Students and faculty members pose as a group in front of the Taj Mahal.]


[Words: Learn more: global.iu.edu.]

[Video: A plain white background.]



[Video: The Indiana University trident appears]

[Words appear: Indiana University]

[Words appear: Fulfilling the Promise]

[Words appear: iu.edu]

Watch a video featuring scenes from Indiana University's Global Gateway Network.

Kan ShaoView print quality image

Beijing, China

Thanks to an IU President's International Research Award, Kan Shao hosted a workshop at the IU China Gateway that could save lives. 

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Kelley students at the IU India GatewayView print quality image

New Delhi, India

The IU India Gateway helped master's students from the Kelley School of Business connect to their counterparts during a recent trip to New Delhi.  

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IU Europe Gateway plaqueView print quality image

Berlin, Germany

The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at IUPUI will launch its Global Philanthropy Environment Index during a June IU Europe Gateway event.

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Nathan Lowry plays violinView print quality image

Mexico City, Mexico

IU musicians will perform at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in celebration of the IU Mexico Gateway opening later this month.

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Indiana University's gateway offices are connecting members of the IU community around the world. Learn more by checking out the office that prioritizes IU's international engagement, the IU Global Gateway Network and the IU Is Everywhere interactive map.