Forging a stronger state of health in Indiana

Fighting for a healthier Indiana

When it comes to the health of Hoosiers we cannot—will not—falter.

Indiana University is our state's health leader. We’re developing revolutionary therapies to cure cancer and slow Alzheimer’s suffering. Building partnerships across all 92 counties that help ensure every Hoosier lives their healthiest life. And educating tomorrow’s health leaders at campuses and centers across the state, including the new, state-of-the-art Regional Academic Health Center.

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7 health science schools across the state 

#1producer of Indiana's nurses, dentists, surgeons, and social workers 

70+health and medical research centers 

Growing hope for breast cancer patients

IU researchers have discovered a game-changing treatment and launched the first-in-human clinical trial for women with recurrent triple negative breast cancer, yielding life-saving outcomes.

Jenny Larner Brown lives to celebrate milestones like her daughter's first vote, thanks to IU.

It does really feel like a miracle to have been in exactly the right place.

Jenny Larner Brown, breast cancer survivor and IU clinical trial participant

We’re also working to demystify racial disparities among breast cancer patients. To find out why Black women have a higher mortality rate, we’re tapping the IU Melvin and Bren Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Susan G. Komen Tissue Bank—the world’s only collection of healthy breast tissue—to look for biological answers.

Combating health disparities

Breast cancer is only one area of concern when it comes to health inequities that affect Hoosier families. IU students, faculty, and researchers work every day to improve health outcomes for every Indiana resident.

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Supporting life from day one

­The pain of losing a child hits home—hard. Indiana’s infant mortality rate is significantly higher than the national average, with nearly 6 in 1,000 children not living to their first birthday.

That’s why IU is working to save the next generation of Hoosiers.

WeCare connects expecting and new parents to resources that protect Hoosier infants—tackling issues like safe sleep, breastfeeding, nutrition, and adult smoking cessation.

And we focus on preventing gestational diabetes, a condition that can lead to a 70% higher lifetime risk of mothers developing Type 2 diabetes, with risks for their babies, too.

Fighting for equality for diabetes patients

IU's Diabetes Impact Project aims to improve health equity and reduce the rate of disease in heavily stricken Indianapolis neighborhoods—where 83% of residents are of color and approximately 10,000 people live with diabetes.

The project connects patients and those at risk with tools to manage and prevent diabetes—from primary care providers to healthy diets.

IU works to prevent and slow the progression of Type 2 diabetes, the fourth-leading cause of death among Black Hoosiers.   

Preserving dignity for Alzheimer’s sufferers

The Longitudinal Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Study, or LEADS, is funded by IU’s largest single research grant from the National Institutes of Health—and is the only study of its kind in the world. LEADS researchers are following patients through clinical and cognitive evaluations to better define and identify biomarkers and learn more about risk factors for early-onset Alzheimer's. Ultimately, they plan to test investigational drugs in clinical trials.

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Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

In partnership with the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, IU is charting community health improvement plans in rural areas to meet myriad objectives—from addressing gaps in services to preventing and treating chronic conditions.

Coping with COVID-19 sparked need, but plan goals are long-term: to maximize existing resources and networks, and include interventions that address root causes.

IU led the state's response to the pandemic, from studying vaccine safety to training contact tracers, and more. 

Tried and true

We match our strength—in research, degree programs, and infrastructure—with heart-filled momentum to push forward in optimizing Hoosier health.

Indiana University will lead the fight for a stronger state of health, no matter how long it takes. 


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