Hoosiers being Hoosiers

"I don’t know what it is about Hoosiers. But wherever you go there is always a Hoosier doing something very important there." – Kurt Vonnegut

IU faculty, staff, students and alumni are dedicated to the university, and this dedication often extends beyond IU and into their communities. During this unprecedented time, they are serving in new and expanded ways. These are their stories.

Student administers COVID-19 vaccineView print quality image

Nursing students serve as COVID-19 vaccination volunteers

IU Kokomo nursing students have played a vital role in curbing the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteering thousands of hours to give vaccinations at community clinics.

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'Creativity vs. COVID' uses artistic activism to communicate needs for vaccine

IUPUI associate professor Laura Holzman curated a new art exhibit in collaboration with other members of the Free the Vaccine collective.  

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IU medical students volunteer to administer COVID-19 vaccines

Health officials for the state of Indiana called upon IU School of Medicine to train a volunteer army of students who will be on call to administer COVID-19 vaccines.

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IU East students take lead in ongoing mitigation testing

IU East students are playing a vital role in the ongoing COVID-19 mitigation testing, staffing the program and gaining helpful and even positive experience in the process.

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IU staff member Chuck Aikman takes food items from his vehicleView print quality image

Backpack Blessings tackles food insecurity with weekend meals for Ellettsville students

IU Bloomington employee Chuck Aikman and his wife, Sharon, have delivered more than 50,000 weekend meals to food-insecure students at three Ellettsville schools.

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David Thompson and Nicole Kearney of Sip and Share WinesView print quality image

Kelley School's HOPE Digital Project helps more than 360 Hoosier ventures through pandemic

During the pandemic, more than 360 small businesses and public organizations in 52 counties across Indiana have been helped through a no-cost assistant program by the Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

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How an IU student's meditation app boomed with downloads during the COVID-19 pandemic

Sagar Vasnani's app, Let's Meditate, offers a straightforward approach to meditation and wellness, with various guided meditation tracks for anxiety, healing and sleep, among others.

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Computer donation program supports remote learning for IU students in need

Two Ph.D. candidates in the College of Arts and Sciences' Department of Biology at IU Bloomington are working with the IU Center of Excellence for Women & Technology to ensure that any IU student who needs a laptop can get one.

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Nurse smiles in hospital hallway wearing scrubs, a Cubs head covering and a blue maskView print quality image

IU Northwest nursing alumni step up to the front lines

Creating experiences and lessons that no one expected, the pandemic is fanning new nurses' desire for impact, change and continued education.

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iDEW students look at a laptop with a robotic car on the table next to itView print quality image

Virtual summer program provides IT training to Indianapolis youth

IUPUI's Informatics Diversity-Enhanced Workforce program has launched a summer program providing educational opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Kennady LiversView print quality image

Student's work with Indy Urban League puts her on COVID-19 front lines

After IUPUI's Kennady Livers' academic year was cut short due to COVID-19, she emerged on the front lines of the pandemic, interning at the Indianapolis Urban League and helping the city's residents get back on their feet.

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IU Southeast professor leads printmaking collaboration to support artists during pandemic

Assistant professor Susanna Crum and her partner, artist and educator Rudy Salgado, invited 19 artists with ties to the area to publish open editions of their work, with proceeds from the sales going to help fellow artists during the pandemic.

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IU employee starts food train to aid local residents

IU Bloomington's Nichelle Whitney started a food train to provide meals to low-income students during the pandemic, but the effort has grown larger.

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Connecting loved ones in a crisis through technology

UITS, the university's information technology division, donated iPads to IU Health and senior living communities in and around Bloomington to help families communicate in this time of visitor restrictions.

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IU Army ROTC seniors build ventilators at General Motors plant in Kokomo

Alex Combs and Kate Wampler, who are engaged to be married in September, reported for duty at GM on April 20.

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Two female graduate students mobilize 3D printing for COVID-19

Wanting to help the community in this time of crisis, IU Bloomington graduate students Lauren Yadavia and Megan Wade researched how to apply additive manufacturing to help fill the need for more PPE for first responders and health care workers.

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Mya PerryView print quality image

IU South Bend student activist starts collective to assist her neighbors

Junior Mya Perry inspired her friends and fellow activists to start South Bend Mutual Aid, a neighborhood collective designed to support South Bend residents impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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IUPUI senior inspires her sorority to give back by supporting local food bank

Feeling compelled to help those vulnerable to inequities during this pandemic, IUPUI senior Jadah Cunningham organized a food drive through her sorority to help combat food insecurity.

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Assistant professor Berkson poses with a group dressed in Burmese garb.View print quality image

IU linguistics students translate COVID-19 materials

When Indiana issued a statewide stay-at-home order in March, IU assistant professor of linguistics Kelly Berkson and her students in the Chin Languages Research Project worked quickly to translate vital information for the state's Burmese population.

Learn how their work began
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New app to help 2 rural Indiana counties track COVID-19 symptoms

IU public health researchers are teaming up with the IU Center for Rural Engagement to help two rural Indiana counties use data to track patient reports of COVID-19 symptoms in their area.

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IUPUI students create COVID-19 social media relief pages to help Indy residents

Six IUPUI students came together to create pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that collect and post resources for Indianapolis residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Student starts Quarantine Buddies program to connect those isolating at home

Evan Catron struggled with depression while having to quarantine himself during the COVID-19 crisis, so he started a program that matches people based on similar interests so they have someone for support.

Read more about Quarantine Buddies

Origami artist turns to folding face masks amid pandemic need

Jiangmei Wu, who is known for her folded origami artwork, has created a template and guide for folding a face mask. Wu, an assistant professor of interior design in the Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture and Design at IU Bloomington, hopes the template will be useful for people who do not sew. Using her knowledge of a technique typically used in lampshades, Wu was able to create a face mask that can fit anyone's profile.

Description of the following video:

[The IU trident appears on a black screen]

[Words appear under trident: Indiana University]

[Words appear at the bottom: indiana.edu.]

[Screen fades to black]

[The IU trident appears in the upper-left corner]

[Title appears next to trident: Folding a Mask with Jiangmei Wu]

[Word appear below title: Needed materials: scissors, twist tie, 2x elastic strips, 1x HEPA filter (design may differ)]

[Words disappear]

[Image: a printable guide for making foldable face masks for adults and children appears]

[Image disappears]

[Video: a HEPA filter, like for a vacuum cleaner, is lying on a table]

[Words appear at bottom of screen: Lay out filter so it is flat and even. May need to adjust according to design of filter.]

[Video: Hands remove the cardboard tab, like where the hose goes, from the filter.]

[Words appear: Step 1. Remove cardboard tab from Filter.]

[Video: hands trace outline of the foldable mask using the printable guide.]

[Words appear: Step 2. Align and Trace the template on your filter.]

[Video: hands cut the outline on the filter.]

[Words appear: Step 3. Cut outside the lines.]

[Video: hands cut the excess fold.]

[Words appear: Optional: Cutoff excess fold.]

[Video: hands put the template on top of the filter and mark pleating points.]

[Words appear: Step 4. Align template and mark pleating points.]

[Video: hands place twist-tie in the tab created in the filter by the cutting and fold over.]

[Words appear: Step 5. Place twist-tie in the tab and fold over.]

[Video: Hands staple the twist-tie into place.]

[Words appear: Step 6. Staple shut.]

[Words appear: Step 7. Flip mask over and fold in half.]

[Video: Hands flip mask over and fold it in in half lengthwise.]

[Words appear: Step 8. Pinch the first pleat point and fold.]

[Video: Hands pinch the first pleat point and fold.]

[Words appear: Note: The second mark is the bottom of your first pleat fold.]

[Words appear: Step 9. Crease second pleat line and fold, Bringing first fold and second fold together.]

[Video: Hands continue to create pleated folds in the mask.]

[Words appear: Step 10. Staple folds together and repeat on opposite side.]

[Video: Hands staple folds together and repeat on opposite side.]

[Words appear: Step 11. Add more staples around edges to secure mask.]

[Video: hands continue stapling around the mask.]

[Words appear: Step 12. Staple elastic bands to the mask.]

[Video: Hands staple elastic bands to the mask.]

[Words appear: Note: Mark both sides of mask for easy stapling.]

[Video: Hands use marker to indicate where to staple the bands on the sides of the mask.]

[Video: Mask sits finished on the desk.]

[Screen fades to black]

[The IU trident appears]

[Words appear: Indiana University]

[Words appear: For more information visit: research.impact.iu.edu/coronavirus]

[Words appear: indiana.edu.]

[Screen fades to black]


Person typing on a laptop in their carView print quality image

Indiana University provides free Wi-Fi access in response to COVID-19 crisis

IU is providing "lot hot spots" -- free, 24-hour, high-speed Wi-Fi access that allows for social distancing -- to the IU community and the general public who may not have internet connectivity due to COVID-19-related library and business closures.

Learn more about the hot spots
Participants join the new Indiana COVID-19 Response ECHO via videoconferencing.View print quality image

Free virtual COVID-19 training for health care workers offered by IUPUI-led program

IU faculty and staff are helping the state's health care workforce respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing free virtual training focused on issues related to the novel coronavirus.

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A worker making food on a grillView print quality image

Emergency Meals Project tackles food insecurity in IU community during pandemic

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, IU Dining and the IU Food Institute, with the aid of some other campus entities, have started the Emergency Meals Project to provide free meals to those facing food insecurity.

See how IU is feeding Hoosiers
Student working on a laptopView print quality image

IU High School offers resources to help schools transition to online learning

Indiana University High School, which offers a broad range of courses for online instruction, is sharing its curriculum with schools across the state to help them transition to remote teaching and learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

Learn about the resources