IU experts are ready to talk about U.S. Supreme Court rulings

In June 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court issued rulings on cases that impact abortion, gun rights and environmental regulations. IU experts on law, policy, reproductive health and public health are available to discuss the implications of the court's rulings.

  • Abortion
    • Caitlin Bernard: Reproductive health, sexual health, contraception, abortion. 
    • Stephanie BoysReproductive technologies/IVF and bioethics, welfare policy implementation.
    • Dan Conkle: Constitutional law, law and religion. 
    • Brandon Crawford: Abortion attitudes, Roe v. Wade knowledge and sentiment.
    • Jennifer Drobac: Sex/gender-based harassment and discrimination law, religion and employment discrimination, consent law. 
    • Kristen Jozkowski: Sexual consent, sexual refusal, sexual violence prevention, abortion attitudes. 
    • Aila Hoss: Public health law, legal epidemiology, federal Indian tribal law, health law and policy.
    • Jody Madeira: Criminal law, children and the law, assisted reproductive technology.
    • Margaret Ryznar: Family law, juvenile law.
    • Steve Sanders: Constitutional law, U.S. Supreme Court, equal protection, 14th Amendment, family law. 
    • India Thusi: Criminal procedure, criminal law, regulation of vice, racial and sexual hierarchies, gender. 
  • Environmental regulations
    • A. James Barnes: Environmental law, domestic and international environmental policy, law and public policy.
    • Kelly Eskew: Sustainable law and policy. 
    • Gabriel Filippelli: Earth sciences and human health.
    • Robert Fischman: Public land law, environmental impact analysis, endangered species conservation, federalism, adaptive management, climate change adaptation.
    • David Konisky: Environmental politics and policy, regulation and compliance, public opinion on energy and climate change, state politics and policy.
  • Guns
    • Pierre Atlas: Gun culture and politics of gun control.
    • Paul Helmke: Gun control, urban issues, law and public policy. 
    • Jon Macy: Public health impacts of concealed carry laws.
    • Jody Madeira: Criminal law, Second Amendment/firearm violence.
  • Religious freedom and discrimination
    • Brad Fulton: Diversity, equity and inclusion, religion, politics, social movements, advocacy.
    • Steve Sanders: Constitutional law, U.S. Supreme Court, same-sex marriage, LGBTQ legal and political issues, equal protection, 14th Amendment. 
    • Andrew WhiteheadChristian nationalism, religion, religion in the United States, religion and politics, evangelicals.

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