IU experts are ready to talk about Ukraine

On Feb. 24, Russia launched a military invasion of its neighbor, Ukraine. IU political scientists, historians and economists are available to discuss the impacts of the invasion on a wide range of topics, including foreign policy and politics, the economy, historical context, diplomacy and more.

  • Ukrainian language and culture
    • Sofiya Asher: A native of Ukraine who teaches Ukrainian, Polish and Russian.
    • Svitlana Melnyk: A native of Ukraine who can speak on Ukrainian language and culture, language policy, and language in education.
  • Foreign policy and politics
    • David BoscoInternational governance, international law, the International Criminal Court, the United Nations.
    • Andrew Bell: International security, international law, the law of armed conflict, urban warfare, humanitarian intervention, ethics in war.
    • Sarah Phillips: Ukraine, Russia, civil society, gender, people with disabilities, vulnerable populations, inclusion
    • Michael De Groot: Russian and U.S. foreign policy, European political economy and security, energy geopolitics, 20th-century international history, the Cold War. 
    • Scott Pegg: International relations, foreign policy, de facto states, oil, natural resource wealth management.
    • Dina Spechler: Russian foreign policy, U.S.-Russian relations, Putin's motives.
    • Tim Waters: International law, ethnic conflict, human rights, transitional justice, comparative law.
    • Pierre Atlas: U.S. foreign policy, civil wars and ethnic conflicts, terrorism.
    • Regina Smyth: Russian politics, Russian society, U.S.-Russia relations, protest and elections.
    • Justyna Zając: European security, international relations in Central-Eastern Europe, European Union, NATO, Poland
    • Gabriel Popescu: Geopolitics, Border Studies, Transnationalism, Mobility, Digital Technologies, Social Theory, Europe.
    • William Foley: United States and United Kingdom national security, homeland security, homeland defense, emergency management and public safety.
    • Kristoffer Rees: Impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on other countries in the region
  • Historical context
    • Laszlo Borhi: History and theory of international politics, East Central Europe in international politics, Soviet-American rivalry in East Central Europe in the Cold War, totalitarianism in East Central Europe, modern and contemporary Hungary.
    • Padraic Kenney: Eastern Europe, Poland, democratic revolutions/civil resistance, political imprisonment, international education.
  • Economic impact
    • Andreas Hauskrecht: International economics and finance, money, banking.
    • Robert Kravchuk: Public administration and political economy, with special emphasis on Ukraine and Russia, political economy of reform in formerly socialist countries. 
    • Phil Powell: Business strategy and economic development in emerging markets, U.S. economic policy, job markets.
    • Cathy Bonser-Neal: Foreign exchange markets and exchange rate behavior, financial market impact of monetary policies, global financial markets, international economics and finance. 
    • Vivek Astvansh: Russia-Ukraine conflict's impact on American companies' ability to respond and innovate technologically.
    • Nikolaos Zirogiannis: Global energy markets, oil, natural gas.
  • Cybersecurity
    • Fred Cate: Information privacy law, information security law.
    • Scott Shackelford: Internet governance, sustainable development, blockchain.
  • Communications
    • Betsi Grabe: Biden administration's communication, Putin's speeches, Zelensky’s communication.
    • Rob Potter: Cognative and emotional responses to media, Russian disinformation, the spread of disinformation on social media. 
    • Elaine Monaghan: Foreign correspondence, reporting in Russia and the former Soviet Union. 
  • Giving and philanthropic support
    • Una Osili: philanthropy, charitable giving, donations, contributions and the role of individual giving and small group donations in supporting Ukraine.

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