IU and World War I

Read about IU's involvement in World War I and the plans to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the war's end.

Scenes from campus during The Great War

See how the Indiana University Bloomington campus was essentially converted into a military training camp during the United States' involvement in World War I. 

More archived images from IU's past can be found in the IU Libraries' University Archives' Photography Collection.

From the top: The Reserve Officers' Training Corps, now known as ROTC, marches on Jordan Field during its first field day on May 25, 1918; a Char Renault FT 17 Tank, designed by the French in 1916 and produced in 1917, rolls through campus; recruits stand at attention during an induction ceremony at Jordan Field, which was near the intersection of Seventh Street and Woodlawn Avenue. Photos courtesy of IU Archives

From the top: A model airplane built by a class in 1918 sits in the Old Crescent area of campus; a Red Cross course taught women how to make surgical dressings in the summer of 1918; students build radios in class in 1918.   Photos courtesy of IU Archives

From the top: World War I recruits report for roll call in front of Owen Hall circa 1918; IU President William Lowe Bryan speaks to recruits during an induction ceremony on Oct. 1, 1918; Assembly Hall was converted into barracks during the war.  Photos courtesy of IU Archives

From the top: ROTC members depart from campus for a recruiting trip through Southern Indiana; a bugler sounds into a megaphone in the Old Crescent; the Young Women's Christian Association hosts a War Camp Community Service booth on campus.  Photos courtesy of IU Archives

The IU campus celebrates World War I Armistice with a parade on campus and in Bloomington.  Photos courtesy of IU Archives