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RSS Feeds: IU Newsroom

You can add IU news feed using the following base URL:

However, this will want to load all stories. We recommend using /max/10/ parameter to the end of all RSS feeds URL. Example:

By Campus

Here are some examples of RSS feeds by campus:

%7C = | character

%20 = Blank space character.

By Category

The following Categories are currently available within the system.

  • Administration
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business
  • Business and Innovation
  • Campus Life
  • Global
  • Health and Wellness
  • Hoosier Business
  • Hoosier Health
  • Law and Policy
  • Science and Technology

%20 = Blank space character.

By Audience

The following Audience are currently available within the system.

  • Media
  • Students
  • Faculty and Staff
  • IU Community|matches|Students/max/10|matches|Media/max/10

By Tags

You may create a custom IU news feed using story tags. You may use as many or as few tags as you wish.

View all tags.

To add multiple tags, you can just keep adding /tag/tagname/tag/tagname/ to the feed URL. However, if using multiple tags, please also add /tag_mode/any/ to the URL as well.

IU Web managers are encouraged to use our Github feed documentation.